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Here’s a fun walk-down memory lane!!! (All GIFS from GIPHY.)

1. That’s so Raven

Watch That's So Raven | Disney+
Image via Disney Plus

This show was awesome because it was hilarious, relatable and inclusive. It also didn’t shy away from addressing serious things like racism– something that current children’s TV shows fail to address. The characters were. people I’d actually love to have in my life. You know what? I’m even going to make a whole blog post about all the reasons I loved this show.

ya nasty thats so raven GIF
thats so raven oh snap GIF

2. Hannah Montana

I was legit obsessed with Miley Cyrus. I had over 50 photos of her up on my wall when I was in forth grade, I went to the Hannah Montana/Meet Miley Cyrus concert, and I was even a paid member of the Miley World website. I just remembered– with that membership came an official Miley card with my name on it, similar to how a credit card looks. Can’t believe I forgot about that. I even had usernames and a whole website dedicated to her. I think I was drawn to the show itself because of all the beach scenery… and those new episode teasers that made the actual new episodes seem more interesting than they actually were…

hannah montana GIF

3. Kim Possible

I wish I was Kim Possible. She’s just, quite frankly, badass. Her life is pretty exciting and chill at the same time. I also love the dynamic between her and Ron. When I was younger I wasn’t a huge fan of her and Ron being more than friends, but of course, after those things called hormones kicked in, I was all for it. I just wish that there was an animated version of them in the future– definitely would beat whatever movie came out a few years ago.

beep me kim possible GIF
kim possible GIF

4. Drake & Josh

Drake Bell Plays The Drake And Josh Theme On His First Twitch Stream
Image via GameByte

These bros’ dynamic was just hilarious, simply put. It was a pretty chill show that I’ll probably never get tired of watching, even when I’m 80 years old (if I even live that long). I might be labeled as being “too sensitive” for saying this, but there were some aspects of the show that I felt were too…bullying? Or making humor out of bullying and normalizing it. But if not finding bullying funny makes me “too sensitive,” then I’ll wear that title of being sensitive proudly.

zoey 101 q3 GIF
drake and josh hug GIF

5. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

5 Things The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Did Better Than The Suite ...
Image via Screenrant

I’m very fond of this show. I didn’t exactly laugh out loud at every darn thing that was laughed at by the audience, but it was a great escape. It was my favorite Friday-night-after-a-long-week-of-school kind of show.

the suite life of zack and cody mr moseby GIF
zack GIF
ashley tisdale burn GIF

6. Suite Life on Deck

The Suite Life on Deck Products | Disney Movies
Image via Disney

I couldn’t find any fun GIFS from this show 😥 But anyway…like the pre-spin-off version of this show, this was another comfort show for me. It was amusing and worked great at easing my boredom and anger on the nights that my parents would drag me to dance lessons that went late into the night. After my lesson was finished and my parents continued hanging out with their friends at my dance teacher’s house, I would sit in front of her daughter’s TV and try to escape from my boredom and angst at having my Friday nights taken away from me.

7. Zoey 101

Why Was 'Zoey 101' Really Canceled On Nickelodeon? | Revelist
Image via Revelist

These characters lived a life that I envied. They lived in a beautiful beach-y, sunny area where they could hang with their friends whenever they wanted. They attended freaking PCA!!! I also wonder, did Zoey and Chase ever end up together??!

this is what happens when i get bored zoey 101 GIF
Zoey 101 Yes GIF by NickRewind
zoey 101 nickelodeon GIF by NickRewind

8. Lilo & Stich

I just freaking loved this show! I don’t know what exactly made me love it. I mean, I was first hooked onto the Lilo & Stitch movie itself. But I guess I just liked disappearing into the scenery and adventures of the two main characters.

lilo and stitch disney GIF
lilo and stitch hug GIF
lilo and stitch disney GIF

9. Sonny with a Chance

Shocking 'Sonny With A Chance' Behind-The-Scenes Secrets
Image via J-14

I loved the dynamic between Sonny and Chad! Of course, until the writers had to ruin it and make Chad a huge jerk– at least a huger jerk than he already was and ruin his relationship with Sonny when they actually got together.

demi lovato judging you GIF
surprised sterling knight GIF by HULU
demi lovato wink GIF

10. Wizards of Waverly Place

This show was so fun and comforting. I loved seeing the setting being in New York and the aspect of magic and wizardry. I do wish there was more character development in it, though. Just like I kind of wish for other shows from above.

Wizards of Waverly Place (TV Series 2007–2012) - IMDb
Image via IMBD

ampupyourstyle GIF

11. Life with Derek

Is it so wrong that I wanted Kasey and Derek to… be together? I know I’m not the only one. There was wayyy too much sexual tension between the two for them to be depicted as siblings. I mean, they were step-siblings, so I kind of guess like a Serena and Dan dynamic from gossip girl, but better. But I really think in Gossip Girl Lily and Rufus should have been together, Serena and Dan were not compatible, and Serena and Nate should have ended up together instead. But I’ll talk about that another time. With Life with Derek, I really think that Derek should have been depicted as Kasey’s step-brother’s obnoxious best friend rather than her actual step-brother.

Life With Derek Stars React to All That "Incest" Speculation - E ...
Image via Eonline
Casey And Derek From Life With Derek Ship Dasey Even Harder Than ...
Image via MTV


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