Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Originally published on my old blog, Roses and Jannah.

You are human; therefore, you are not perfect. And that is okay, that is great–because you are human, and that is beautiful. 

The imperfections we have enable us to the beauty within ourselves and within our potentials. Without our ability–our inevitability–of making mistakes, how would we bask in the beauty of our own resilience, of getting back up, increasingly stronger, with each fall? 

If we always got whatever results we wanted, whenever we wanted them–if we were perfect, how lackluster would our successes be, with no history of us fighting and facing struggles, with no source, let alone existence, of inspiration–would they be “successes” at all?

If our talents were always just something we were given and already skilled at from the day we were born, or from the day we were old enough to realize it and utilize it–what would be the point in celebrating something that was not earned, did not have a story behind it?

How banal and boring life would be without stories!

How banal and boring life would be without the existence of imperfections. 

Only God is perfect, and He has blessed His creation with imperfections–imperfections that give us life, that serve as our inspirations for laughter, the imperfections that give us stories to tell. 

Subhan Allah (glory be to God) for blessing us with imperfections!

Only God is perfect, subhan Allah, and He has enabled us with beauty through the lack of perfection He has bestowed upon us. He has given us opportunities to struggle so that we may celebrate our successes and overcome our hardships. He has allowed us to make mistakes so that we may learn and grow, so that we can look back years from our mistakes and be proud of who we have become, how we have danced through life’s obstacles in rain and shine. He has humbled us through our imperfections; He has enabled beauty through human connection that results from the lack of perfection where people’s vulnerabilities bring them closer in the relationships that they cultivate from their shared humanity, from their shared inevitability of weaknesses that make them strong and bind them together. He has given us imperfections, allowing us to test the waters of relationships and discover genuine friendships, friendships and relationships that persist even when they stray away from the comfortable, warm water and into the cold, chilly parts–think about it: how lacking the value of friendship would be if we didn’t experience the efforts of our true friends in helping us, caring for us, in our times of adversity? If we were all perfect, with no problems, how shallow and missing of warmth would our relationships be–how lacking of contentment our lives would be. 

Imperfection is a significant element of humanity that binds people to each other, that binds one to oneself, and, most importantly, what binds one to God through struggles and humility. 

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